Sedna Aspects


Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny, by Alan Clay

Welcome. I’ve been researching a book on the astrology of Sedna, which I’m calling ‘Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny’, deriving it’s meaning from the planet’s physical characteristics and orbit, from a look back at past cycles, from events around it’s discovery in 2003 and from the charts of case studies.

Sedna Aspects

‘Sedna Consciousness, the Path of Destiny’ includes detailed aspect analysis, so you can interpret Sedna in your own chart.

We’ll use all 18 inner planets, plus 3 asteroids and 4 centaurs in our analysis as well as the MC, ASC, Part of Fortune and North Node. Here’s the full list of the planets we are using.

Sun (will)

Moon (feelings)

Mercury (communication)

Venus (values)

Mars (action)

Ceres (nurturing)

Jupiter (expansion)

Saturn (structure)

Uranus (intuition)

Neptune (visions)

Pluto/Charon (transformation)

Ixion (lawlessness)

Orcus (speaking out)

Haumea (rebirth)

Makemake (focus/talent)

Verona (notability)

Quaoar (new perspectives)

Eris (consciousness through discord)